According to USA Today, “San Francisco has the highest per capita consumption of both alcohol and books.” LitQuake, San Francisco’s annual earthquake of books happens every year in the second week of October with readings, discussions and events. The numbers of those involved have grown and in 2012, LitQuake featured 860 authors over the course 9 days. The festival ends with a LitCrawl (akin to a bar crawl).

The LitCrawl aspect of LitQuake began in 2004. In 2009, the LitCrawl was featured in the New York Times:

“The striking thing about Lit Crawl, actually, was not the variegated writerly menu; nor was it the variety of venues – 54 of them, including bookstores, bars, coffee shops, galleries and a bee-keeping supply store. Rather it was the specter of writing and literature — literature! — transforming an ordinary Saturday night in the neighborhood into a carnival of sorts. Up and down Valencia Street, crowds overflowed out of open doorways, and between readings, people hustled from one event to another or gathered on street corners clutching red Lit Crawl maps like participants in a mammoth scavenger hunt.” (Bruce Weber)

Seeing authors and editors from publications such as Hyphen Magazine, McSweeney’s and the Rumpus read bits and pieces of work and perform parts of poems was pretty much the perfect evening.


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