It feels false to love somewhere that you’ve only been to twice. It’s like falling in love with someone without seeing their face. Whatever, it happens.

Joshua Tree National Park is breathtaking. A desert park 140 miles from Los Angeles it is worth the annoying long drive through the hot sun to get there.

jtree2The Joshua tree, Yucca brevifolia, is a member of the Agave family.

According to an article by vegetation specialist Jane Rogers, legend has it that Mormon pioneers named the tree after the biblical figure, Joshua, seeing the limbs of the tree as outstretched in supplication, guiding the travelers westward.

The Joshua tree provided habitat for numerous forms of wildlife.

“The Joshua tree forests tell a story of survival, resilience, and beauty borne through perseverance. They are the silhouette that reminds those of us who live here that we are home. Like the Lorax we speak for the trees, but often the trees speak to us.”

— Vegetation Specialist Jane Rodgers


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