Anything that is said about Oakland, must pay tribute to its history. A history that my meager readings have only scratched the surface of. But it’s not all about history and facts and figures. It is also about what is happening now. Where fusion food meets socialists meet life.

The now of Oakland means Hari Kondabolu‘s comedy (he recorded his debut album in Oakland) and it means up and coming blogs like Pickled Oak and NPR shows like Snap Judgement.

Why Oakland? (According to Snap Judgement)

Because Oakland is home. Because down the street from our office, there’s a school where black and Latino kids speak Mandarin to each other while playing tag. Because our office loves to eat Spices Szechuan food for lunch. Because of the scraper bikes and stunner shades. Because of the Fox Theater and the barbershops. Because of the weather. Because we believe that public radio should be for the young and the old, for listeners of every race and background, and you can find them all, living and thriving, here.


For an Oakland taster, check out the First Friday Art walk.



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