Avocado by Terra Melody

Avocado by Terra Melody

At one point, after spending several months in India, I craved avocados so much that I had my cousin Google what they are and if I could find them in India (the answer is Makan Phal or Butter Fruit and yes, though I never manages to find them myself).

The California Avocado commission has a wealth of information on their website about the state of avocados in the state of California. In addition, there is a dedicated California Avocado Society, with the mission of “Providing Access to Cultural, Marketing, Resarch and Governmental Issues for Growers in the Business of Raising Avocados, Since 1915.”

A single California avocado tree can produce up to 60 pounds of avocados each year, or approximately 120 pieces of fruit. Most California avocados are harvested on 60,000 acres between San Luis Obispo and the Mexican border. San Diego County alone produces 40 percent of all California avocados.

– UC Davis Profile 

According to the California avocado commission, California is the top producer of avocados in the U.S. with 95 percent of the countries crop. It is no wonder that when East Coasters and Midwesterners want to make something a “California Salad” or “California Sandwich” they throw a avocado on it. The state motto should probably be, “Just put an avocado on it.”





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