Pie ranch is located on the Pacific Coast Highway (Highway 1) just south of Ano Nuevo State Park (home of the elephant seals). North of Santa Cruz and south of San Francisco, as the Pie Ranch website states, “Pie Ranch cultivates a healthy and just food system from seed to table through food education, farmer training, and regional partnerships.” Along with pie ranch, there is also Mission Pie, a pie restaurant and cafe in San Francisco’s mission district. 2014-04-10 13.11.00Pie Ranch is named so for a variety of reasons,

We call ourselves Pie Ranch for several reasons:

1) The pie shaped shape of the ranch.

 2) Pie is seen by the founders as “a great means for understanding how food comes from the land to our tables.”

3) More importantly, as the organizers say (on their website):

The promise of pie will encourage city youth and adults to come discover the beauty and importance of rapidly disappearing farms to the future of people in the Bay Area, our food security, health and our understanding and appreciation of life and nature.

Lastly, Pie Ranch is a place for “pie in the sky” thinking. What more could one want?

2014-04-10 13.38.33


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