City Lights Books by @lakitalki
City Lights Books, a photo by @lakitalki on Flickr.

It’s true. I have a soft spot for books. I have favorite bookstores in Seattle, Portland, and even a few cities in India. But City Lights Books is at the top of my list of favorite bookstores around the world. It is also an establishment in which one can get lost. Too many good books and not enough time. It is an independent bookstore and publisher in San Francisco that dates back to the 1950s. Founded in 1953 by poet/painter/activist Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Peter D. Martin

City Lights publishing is respected for its commitment to innovative and progressive ideas, and its resistance to forces of conservatism and censorship. As part of the beat generation, City Lights Books published Howl and was also on trial for obscenity charges.

Specializing in world literature and progressive politics, City Lights Books, according to the website, has “become world-famous” but has “retained an intimate, casual, anarchic charm.” A uniquely California experience, especially for book enthusiasts.

Other bay area bookstores are mentioned in this blog. Hours, location and more detailed information can be found on Yelp.


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