The first University of California, University of California at Berkeley (also known as UCB and Cal) is now my school. I am a UCBSOJ (UC Berkeley School of Journalism) student, class of 2016. But Cal is much more than my future alma mater.

Berkeley is home to 35,899 students as of Fall 2012 including 25,774 undergraduates and 10,125 pursuing graduate degrees. Chances you know at least on of the 458,000 living alumni (as of June 2010), or at least someone who knows one. Famous alumni include: Steve Wozniak, cofounder of Apple; Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google; Alice Waters, culinary hero; Maxine Hong Kingston, author of “The Woman Warrior” (as well as a more extensive list from the UCB website). My personal favorite, albeit fictional alumnae, is C.J. Cregg of “The West Wing.”

Lastly, International Business Times ranked Berkeley as the greenest university in the world in 2011. Despite it’s increasingly fancy coating, Cal still has an an environmentally friendly-hippie-granola soul.



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