Santa Monica by @lakitalki

Overlooking Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica is a beach town bordered by Malibu, Pacific Palisades and Brentwood. The Santa Monica pier dates back to 1909 and is considered a Santa Monica historic landmark. The pier was featured in several movies and music videos, and is worth a walk. The pier has a carnival atmosphere with people drawing portraits and selling cotton candy. Also in Santa Monica are food-conscious vegan/vegetarians and many local restaurants.

After you take a walk (or bicycle) along the 26-mile path near the Pacific Ocean, stop at Native Foods Cafe for a bite to eat. Native Foods founded in 1994 in Palm Springs, California, Native Foods sees itself as “America’s premier fast-casual vegan restaurant group serving made-from-scratch, chef-crafted cuisine to thousands of food lovers every day.” Food is made fresh daily, from homemade tempeh to cheese, sauces and drinks. The entire menu is plant-based and it does not all taste like lettuce. In addition, on Native Community Days, the restaurant has free cooking demos. There’s more to Santa Monica, but the pier, beach path and a restaurant will get you started.


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