Tech Offices, Silicon Valley

The tech giants mainly reside in Silicon Valley. When I go “home” (to where my mother lives) I usually fly into SFO and get a ride 101 South past all the advertisements for techy-things so abstract that I am not sure if know exactly what they are advertising. The big social media, innovation, technology hubs have their epicenter in the bay area. Facebook’s headquarters are in Menlo Park, Google in Mountain View not far from Apple in Cupertino. Twitter is South of Market (SoMa in San Francisco) and LinkedIn is in Sunnyvale.

When friends from out of town come, if requested, we drive by all the big offices and take pictures. Occasionally I’ll have lunch with a Google/Facebook/Apple employee while trying to pretend like it is normal to be in a cafeteria with amazing food and no check-out line. Though there are the occasional perks to the presence of tech giants, there are also downfalls and rapid gentrification causing problems for housing, community and living in general. While there are rising incomes, there are also growing company initiatives in favor of sustainability and becoming more green.

Google has information on efficiency, sustainability and products. Apple has a whole video on sustainability. It looks like the effort is there for some companies, hopefully it is not all greenwashing.


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