Contrary to popular belief, the “Only in San Franciso!” comment when referring to the Yoga Room at the SFO airport is not actually true. According to a YELP review, there are yoga rooms at JFK and DFW, but San Francisco was the first airport to offer such a room. Though the roots of yoga descend from a deep spiritual tradition, yoga as a sport or activity has become increasingly popular in California and across the United States.

Yoga was the subject of a recent Asian Art Museum exhibit boasting itself as “the world’s first major art exhibition about yoga.” Yet California yoga strikes me as something different. California yoga (and this term has not yet come into the urban dictionary or common parlance) is a fusion of sorts. Using the foundation of traditional yoga, California yoga takes its own liberties with style, music, and functionality and goes with the flow. Having experienced Bikram yoga in DC, and several varieties of yoga in the bay area and Los Angeles, it is clear that yoga will be different from place to place, and teacher to teacher, but California yoga continues to push boundaries and occasionally confuse dedicated yogis… is this yoga too? From aerial experiences to YogaHop there are always more combinations to try. Thus far, one of my favorite classes has been at Be Yoga with Lisa Marie Haley who also writes the blog “Yoga, Beef Jerky & Tequila.”


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