Much has been written of California over the years. The rolling hills, the beaches, and of course the initial rush for gold, after the indigenous people had been there for a while (for those curious to read more history, I refer you to Wikipedia). According to Calisphere, another source on California history, 1962 marked the year California passed New York as the most populous state in the nation. California now boasts the world’s fifth largest economy and a population of nearly 38 million. Economics and population do not tell the whole story.

California is not just about the iconic symbols of palm trees, beaches, bridges and Hollywood, but it is about stories of places, people and the twists and turns in time and geography that brought us all together here, in this state, at this moment in time. Traditional travel blogs and books give advice on what to bring. What to pack depends entirely on the journey, though I always suggest to bring a water bottle. My advice is rather simple try to never become so used to the state that it no longer seems wonderful. To experience fully, one should always be equipped with curiosity.

Left Coast, Best Coast by @lakitalki
          photo by @lakitalki on Flickr.

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